SUPERNIGHT [4 Pack] Horticulture E27 5W LED Plant Grow Light Bulb for Flowering Plant Vegetables, 5-LED (3 Red & 2 Blue), Energy Saving Spotlight Downlight Plant Light Bulb for Indoor Hydroponic Garden


Special red and blue led light, help accelerate the growth of indoor plants.

Low heat, energy saving, can save more than 90% energy compared with traditional plant grow lights.

No UV or IR radiation, will not hurt your plants even the seedlings

Suitable for use with all foliage, flowering and food producing plants. Use for hydroponic growing, starting seeds and growing indoor potted plants in homes, offices, greenhouses, and for use with hydroponic grows.

E27 socket and widely input voltage 85-264V, easy to install and use.



Color: Silver + White
Socket type: E27
Voltage: AC 85-264V
House material£ºAluminum
Cover material: PC plastic
LED Power: 5W
LED quantity:5leds (3 red + 2 blue)
LED wavelength: 620-630NM(red), 460-470NM(blue)
Luminous flux: 40-50lm (red), 25-30lm (blue)
Service life: 50,000 hours
Net weight: 71g
Dia: 6cm

Please keep the light over 20cm above plants?