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SUPERNIGHT DC 12V 24V to DC 5V 3A 15W Converter Step Down Voltage Regulator 5V 15W Module Power Supply Transformer for Car Audio Radio LED Display Reducer


*Convert unstable 12/24V DC power supply into stable 5V 3A DC power output

*Over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, short-circuit auto protection, and can return to normal conditions in the work

*Essential for car audio system or other 5V car products (particularly useful in vehicles with 24V power supply)

*Input voltage: 12/24V ,Output: 5V/3A

*This Voltage regulator widely used in automotive, surveillance systems, railway signals, medical equipment, instruments, and meters, LED products, LED strips, cable TV and other low power test systems

*over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-heat protection
*Short-circuit protection and automatic recovery
*Waterproof design
*Convert unstable 12/24V DC power supply to stable 5V DC power output
*High conversion efficiency: Over 90%
*Widely used in automotive, electricity, surveillance systems, railway signals, instruments, and meters, LED displays (LED strip, copper led strings), cable TV, etc

*Input voltage: 12/24V?
*Output voltage: 5V
*Output Current: 3A
*Output power: 15W
*Conversion efficiency: 90%
*Maximum working temperature: 80¡æ
*Size: 46X32X18mm

Package includes:
1 X DC 12V 24V to 5V 3A Converter Step Down Regulator

Please note:
If the ambient temperature exceeds 45¡æ, please reduce the power output, Or enhance heat dissipation